Old Places

Sometimes people will ask me how long it takes me do do a painting. The answer is: It takes as long as it takes. The paintings below took decades. Not decades of actual physical labor, but over several decades, these works came to be. Which is kinda cool, because what the paintings are about is the passage of time.

Decades ago (Late 70s? Early 80s?) I was wandering around my hometown, Burbank, observing the progress on the new mall that was to be built. This little neighborhood of early 20th C homes were in the path of that project and due for demolition. They were already vacant and boarded up. People had lived in those old places for 50 years or more. I wondered about them. Who were they? What had they seen and done from those houses? What had it been like to live there? I took some photos of these old places.

And then forgot about them.

This old neighborhood was demolished and then, economics and such being what it is, the mall project didn’t get started for another 10 years. Like the vacant houses in the pictures, the land itself sat vacant during that time.

I remembered the photos and thought they might make interesting paintings. I began both at the same time. I was generally happy with them. And then, life being what it is, things got busy and I put the paintings aside, unfinished. Years passed. I moved the unfinished paintings along with all my other studio stuff across the country. Then moved again.

Then, recently, I rediscovered the paintings.

I knew what was needed to finish them.

So here they are, a couple of newly finished old paintings of a couple of old places that used to be where a mall now stands.

Pink House, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, 2017

Yellow House, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, 2017



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