Dolphin Watching

Recently, we visited friends on Tybee Island, GA. We went dolphin watching because, why not?

Shrimp boats come back up the Savannah River in the evenings. They clean their catch and dump anything unsalable over the side. They’ve been doing this for generations. It’s not illegal. It is illegal, however, to feed dolphins. Dolphins, as a species, are notorious scofflaws, having evolved a smart-ass grin and high-pitched giggle just to make the point. And so they gather in large numbers near the mouth of the Savannah River in expectation and total disregard of the law.

All images ©2017 Johnston

Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure. We didn’t go with Captain Derek. Just used his dock.

A few shrimpers tie up near Captain Derek on Lazaretto Creek.

It was a warm, humid afternoon slipping into evening. Thunderclouds gathered over the Atlantic.


The old 1858 lighthouse on Cockspur Island at the mouth of the Savannah River.

We chased dolphins all over the place, mostly just catching the flash of a dorsal as they swam away.

Turns out, the best way to see dolphins is to let them chase you.

We headed back as showers developed in the distance.



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