It’s always about the view. It’s constantly changing. Too often, I’ll get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and forget to look. Then I’ll catch a glimpse and it’ll amaze me. The view might be just outside my office window. Or along the country road on my way home. It can be as simple and surprising as morning sunlight hitting a haphazard collection of jars and bottles on a shelf in the garage. Seeing is such a surprise gift.  There were lots of reasons for moving from the burbs of L.A. to a hill in South Carolina – some we’re still figuring out – but it was the view that sealed the deal. And when we moved from the hill to a nice house closer to town, we checked the view out each window before signing. It’s always about the view.

I’m an artist and a graphic designer. I make images. It’s this site’s intent to share some of these images and thoughts about other images. Things I’ve done and things I like.  You’re invited to look and see and comment if you like. If you’d like to buy or commission an image, we can work that out. Contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me: skipj@charter.net.


I’m a native of Burbank, CA, and moved to Greenville, SC in 2005.

I began drawing at age three and have hardly put the pencil down since. At eight, I decided be an artist. At nine, I began private art lessons. In high school, I won a scholarship to “Saturday High”, a series of college-level studio classes held at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. When I graduated high school, I entered Art Center as an illustration major.

After college, I went into the graphic design field. For most of my career, I worked for the design firm of Jerry V. Johnson and Associates in Glendale, CA, becoming a Senior Art Director. I have done design and illustration work for most of the major (and many not-so major) industries in Southern California. I’ve worked with such companies as The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, MGM, Cartoon Network, Hitachi, Toyota, Sunkist, Nestle, and Mattel, and many more.

Currently, I’m the Creative Director at Tenth Planet Advertising in Greenville. Among other assignments, I’ve designed and executed digital wall graphics for various restaurants and businesses in the Upstate, including Greenville Hospital Systems and McMillan Pazdan Smith Architects, and different sports and educational institutions, including Clemson University.

Since coming to Greenville, I’ve been actively pursuing painting and digital art graphics. I’ve had work accepted and presented in several local juried art competitions, including Pickens County Museum, Artisphere, Flat Out Under Pressure, Art In The Park, and Greer Through the Ages Exhibition among others. “Dixie Drive Thru” won first place in MAC’s  Flat Out Under Pressure.

Thanks for visiting!


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